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James, Our Benevolent Leader

Independent Studios Web, Design & Marketing was founded in Asheville, NC  in 1999 to give clients a quality alternative to large, expensive, and often (how do we say this gently) drab website design firms and advertising agencies. We have a personal approach to problem solving with close attention to detail that gives our clients customized solutions based on their individual needs – not a cookie-cutter web site, predictable design or, heaven forbid, a grand outlet for our (fairly large) egos.

Our foundation is one of traditional fine arts, tempered by traditional marketing and advertising – that just happens to incorporate the best of today’s technology. But, our art and our technology isn’t the whole story. We believe that honest, efficient business practices and custom, personalized solutions to your need is the shortest distance between where you are and where you’d like to be. After all, our clients contract with us to help them, not us.

We have many years of experience in every aspect of web design, graphics and advertising – yet we are not the stereotypical web design or advertising agency. That has more to do with how we relate to you and your product than how we do lunch. We have the skills, the tools, and the industry knowledge to give you the quality design solution you need.

We joke around and we have a lot of fun. you’ll see pictures of toys, dumb videos and silly comments on our website. We’re not terribly serious folks. Some things we do take deadly serious, though: our work and our clients. You might catch us playing guitar or staring out the window during business hours, but you’re also going to see us putting a lot of thought and effort into what we send out the door and into the public – and that’s something we never joke about.

Whether it’s a web site, promotional items, hand-rendered fine art, print design or a turn-key graphic solution, Independent Studios has the ability and the contacts to make it happen for you – and the talent to make it the very best. Plus, we can guarantee having a whole helluva lot of fun on the way.