Other Stuff We Do

Independent Studios isn’t just a one trick pony. We have lives outside of these walls (well, outside this website) and we have hobbies and goals and do other stuff that you might dig. Check out a little sampling below, and stay tuned, as we have some other projects in the offings. You might just see some of our stuff on the streets of Asheville. Hint, hint, hint…

Hand-printed Tshirts in AshevilleWhile design is the main passion, we also do a lot of screen printing and stuff of that sort. It’s just kind of fun to get your hands (and your pants and shoes and shirt) dirty from time to time. So – we hand print some shirts and then we sell them here. Check ’em!
Asheville Fashion Design | Asheville Pattern MakerLilyGiggle.com is the brainchild of Beth, one of our principles. Check out the selection of 100% original designs in the form of great sewing patterns for kids and ladies. Feeling crafty? LilyGiggle’s got you covered. Plus – super social power! We’re so proud!
All About Freelance | Freelance Tips and TricksAllAboutFreelance.com is another side project for James and Michael. We’ve done the freelance graphic design thing long enough that we actually have a little bit to pass along, and we love doing it – even if there’s nobody listening. Check it out!