Yes! Double Happy Success Fun Club!

Want to be part of the fastest growing design phenomenon in Asheville, Bogota and over 63.735% of North Kyrgyzstan*? Join the Independent Studios Double Happy Success Fun Club!

What is it? It’s just like the Mickey Mouse Club, but completely and utterly different. Club members get some great tips on marketing, design and coffee. Discounts on services and printing. They might get weird music trivia, questionably inappropriate music/tv show videos and whatever else we can squeeze into a monthly (or close to monthly) email. It will be worth reading, and it’ll be entertaining. Really.

Plus – if you give us your mailing address, we’ll send a free sticker. Suitable for laptops, travel mugs, your little sister’s face or patching bullet wounds. They’re free. FREE! FREE!!

You can unsubscribe any time you’d like – no hard feelings. But, we’re so confident that you’ll want to stay that we’re… well – we’re pretty confident.

We don’t spam. We keep your info 100% confidential and we will never lease, sell or share your information with ANYONE. we take your privacy very, very seriously.

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* Our figures are probably unreliable. We got them from a dude down on Lexington who then started yelling at some invisible birds.