Web Design – Barley’s Taproom

Oh, man – web design, Asheville, beer AND pizza? Yes, please – may we have another?

Barley’s is a downtown Asheville institution, and we got to do a little responsive web design for them. Using WordPress, Google Docs and a few other tricks, we gave Barley’s a great-looking website to go with their awesome everything else. It’s easy to update, easy to use and also totally responsive. Works great on all platforms from desktops to tablets to phones. The site integrates with Google Docs to keep calendars updated and menus refreshed. Beer. Pizza. Web design. Oh, yes.

We’ve got a few more things in the works with Barley’s – so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out their site by clicking here.

Downtown Asheville Web Design for Barley's

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Web Design and Logo Development for The Honey Bee Steward

Logo Design for the Honey Bee Steward

We’re privileged to work with some pretty special people – and the Honey Bee Steward is certainly tone of those. This fellow has dedicated a huge portion of his life to the preservation of honey bees, educating folks about honey bees – and just about everything else you can do concerning the little buggers.

Independent Studios developed a lovely, subtle logo for him, and a bold, bright website. The logo captures the honey cell and some good, earthy tones – and comes out warm and subtle. The site, built with WordPress and WooThemes, is as bold as the logo is subtle. The site is easy to update, and the design really makes it all pop.

Check out the Honey Bee Stewardgive us a call – we’ll help you be the bee’s knees too!

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So Long, Bele Chere…

Bele Chere in Asheville

Some folks are lamenting the loss of Bele Chere as the loss of something that is Asheville. I see it this way: Asheville is better than Bele Chere every damned day of the year. Bele Chere had a way of condensing a few of the good parts of Asheville along with a lot of the worst parts of the rest of humanity into one slightly smelly, over-dense, hot little 3 day nugget. My Asheville has more freaks and fun and food and frivolity on a Wednesday afternoon in September than most places have all year ’round.

You can keep the heat, the crowds and the overpriced¬†tchotchkes. My Asheville has enough kickassery the other 362 days of the year, thank you very much. I spent my weekend in the woods with the kids and a box of fried chicken. When I get the all-clear, I’ll venture back into town and enjoy Asheville for the jewel that it is. An unsweaty, uncrowded jewel.

So long, Bele Chere. It’s been real…

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Asheville Website Design for the Brewgrass Festival!

We’re happy to announce a new web design and development launch – this time for Asheville’s own Brewgrass Festival.

Danny and the good folks at the Brewgrass Festival needed a new website that could grow and change with the festival. With bands and breweries dropping out, they needed something easy to update and easy to use.

They also needed (like everyone does) a responsive web design so they didn’t miss out on the huge percentage of folks using mobile devices to view their site. It needed to work – and work it does. How? WordPress and WooThemes.

The site features some nifty stuff and a super-easy user interface so it can stay updated, fresh and awesome. Also, since it’s built using a totally modular system and theme, they won’t have to recreate the wheel next year when their look changes. Sweet!

So – go check it out. Then, drop us a line - we can help you be awesome, too!

Brewgrass Festival Asheville Web Design

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