The Power of Design


Design can be very powerful. It can be memorable – but it can be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Design should speak volumes without words. It’s an image of your business. An unblinking, unsleeping minion that is out there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – selling (or not) even when you’re not looking. Your image is you.

So – what’s the character of your image? Is it Frankenstein, lurching about the land, scaring children? Is it a slick car salesman with a bad tie? Is it a burned out weirdo that listens to bad music and schleps around coffee shops all day? Oh – wait…

Your image speaks volumes. The power of the design behind that image is what people will see. You’re passionate about your business or product – should you project that passion? Yes. Passion attracts passion.

Be passionate about your business and we’ll both be passionate about your design. It will shine through. Let’s get going on giving you something you can feel good about – let DesignAVL put some oomph in your design. We specialize in power. (Insert stupid Ice T reference here.)